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BeneFix Gearing Up for RISE OF THE REST™ pitch Contest

“First there was the idea - revolutionize the health insurance industry. Then there was the funding, the developing of the platform, and the opening of the office in Lancaster.”

Now there’s this: We’re finalists in Revolution’s RISE OF THE REST™ competition!

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Intern Insight

It’s hard to believe August is practically here and Q4 is quickly approaching. With summer coming to an end, our BeneFix internship program is winding down as well. Our intern crew is an amazing group of smart, motivated, and efficient students, and Team BeneFix feels pretty fortunate to have had such talent join us for the summer. We asked each intern to share some insight on their experience at BeneFix. Here’s what they had to say…

“Working at BeneFix as a summer intern has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience for me, that includes valued work and perks typical of a startup culture. As an intern, whether in marketing or software development, you gain exposure to the many different aspects of running a startup company – a great experience for anyone interested in entrepreneurship” – Joonick (University of Penn)

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BeneFix New Jersey Beta Release

Great News!

BeneFix – the #1 quoting and custom proposal platform in Pennsylvania – is now available in New Jersey!

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Trust the Tech

Smartphones. The internet. Memes. Technology has exploded in the past decade, leaving the insurance industry behind. However; the rise of InsurTech has allowed even the most traditional of insurance agencies and brokers to bridge this gap. And although a clear transition is happening, it hasn’t come without its challenges. Two of the biggest barriers: a difference in work culture and a lack of knowledge.

Yes, some insurance agencies continue paying by checks, faxing instead of sending emails, and keeping paper records as opposed to digital ones. Imagine paying for Netflix by sending in cash! The good news is, these agencies are in the minority. A recent study showed that 94% of insurers believe that “adopting platform-based models and forming digital ecosystems are critical to their success as a business” (“The Rise of Insurtech” – Roy Jubraj, Steven Watson, Simon Tottman).

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A Minute with Matt- Simple is Simply Better

BeneFix was founded out of frustration. Taking weeks, even months, to get a small business up and running with their benefits seems impossible in 2017 but that’s exactly what inspired the question “why is this so hard?” My excitement to move from Colorado to Pennsylvania, and continue my business, was thwarted by complications of finding new medical, dental and vision coverage.

At the time of my move, I was shocked and honestly disappointed. How in 2016 was there no simple way to do this?

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