Sam Ehret

Software Engineer

Also known as: Restless Hobbyist

Sam's greatest passion is for promoting inclusivity and positivity in the workplace. When they aren't busy adding snazzy new Enrollment features (and then breaking and fixing said features), they hope to help create an environment centered around collaborative learning, especially concerning web accessibility and coding best-practices.

Sam began their tech career as a self-taught programmer, working on administrative software in the tech education space. When they aren't coding at work or at civic hack nights, Sam enjoys amassing new hobbies, such as playing the piano, traveling to new places, painting scenery, rock climbing, and foraging for mushrooms.

What I love about Benefix: The best thing about Benefix is the people who are committed to fostering an upbeat and positive environment, while working together to overcome complex and challenging problems.

Benefix crew member since: Class of '21

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