Zach Seiger

Operations Associate

Also known as: run forest run

Before Benefix, Zach was running the streets of Philadelphia as a member of the Temple University Cross Country team. He also spent his summers as an operations intern at ON ZAP Endurance, a professional running team based out of Boone, NC. At ZAP, he spent time consolidating databases, driving airport shuttles, and learning how to put one foot in front of the other just a little bit faster! Zach loves problem solving and figuring out new things. Whether it is figuring out the best way to visualize and display data in excel, figuring out how to play a new instrument or getting ready to run a marathon, he loves the opportunity to tackle a new challenge.

What I love about Benefix: There is something amazing about getting into a boat where everyone is rowing in the same direction – and it makes everyone paddle just a little bit harder. I love getting in the boat with the Benefix team!

Benefix crew member since: the COVID-19 days (2020)

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