Cindy Fillgrove

Customer Experience Associate

Also known as: Office Hype Girl, Reggae Horn Enthusiast

If she’s not asking the question, “Have you heard this song before?” she’s asking users “How can I help you?” while sniffing out the minutest, problem-causing details with a smile. As a co-host to the Standing Desk’s 4 o’clock dance show, she never misses a beat and is always down to serve up her patented moves while working on custom proposals. Before Benefix, Cindy worked in customer service for eight years, most notably as a Stationery Specialist helping brides and businesses with all things paper related.

What I love about Benefix: This is the hardest working, most encouraging crew I've ever been a part of. We're go-getters but the best kind of go-getters—the kind that's rallied around a goal that will benefit the lives of many and change our world for the better.

Benefix crew member since: 2019

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