Cindy Fillgrove

Customer Experience Specialist

Also known as: Office Hype Girl, Reggae Horn Enthusiast

If she’s not asking the question, "Have you heard this song before?" she’s asking users “How can I help you?” while sniffing out the minutest, problem-causing details with a smile. At Benefix, Cindy builds and maintains all custom proposals and enjoys working one-on-one with brokers to help them realize their team’s ideal quote report. When she’s not pumping up her teammates with her signature “Hype” noise button, Cindy enjoys hunting for records, reading fantasy novels, film photography, and eating her way through a new city with her husband and daughter.

What I love about Benefix: This is the hardest working, most encouraging crew I've ever been a part of. We're go-getters but the best kind of go-getters—the kind that's rallied around a goal that will benefit the lives of many and change our world for the better.

Benefix crew member since: 2019

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