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Benefix is a collaborative hub that brings carriers, brokers, small businesses and individuals together. We believe in simplifying the experience for all involved to create better access and, ultimately, better outcomes.

Our story

Benefix's story began when Matt Ranauro and his employees nearly lost insurance coverage. He waited weeks to see a few plan options, received no advice during the selection process from the insurance company or the broker, and was then handed a stack of forms with no practical way to understand what options were best for his employees. Once a decision was made, he stepped into a time warp where there was no simple, digital, way to enroll or access healthcare. It was clear the current system was broken.

At the same time, Matt's friend from high school had just gotten engaged to Lee Shand Snyder. Lee spent several years at L'Oréal in New York and when she moved to Lancaster, she found using her insurance in a new state to be impossible and costly with the out-of-pocket expenses. Matt and Lee knew that their experiences were reflective of a larger problem: benefits were too complicated and it was often the little guy who suffered. That summer, they founded Benefix – a technology-powered, collaboration hub that is driving the benefits industry to provide better access and results for consumers.

When Matt and Lee launched Benefix, they knew tackling the pain points would require rewriting the way an industry worked together. Our philosophy is rooted in a simple concept: if it touches the customer experience, we own it. Without this ownership we knew that we could not achieve our vision in this space: give people peace of mind.

Matt Ranauro


Lee Shand Snyder

Founder/SVP, Head of Operations

Mike Monteiro

Chief Product Officer

Paul Tyer

VP of Sales

Tushar Mittal

VP of Engineering

Rylan Bowers

Director of Engineering

Lauren Hershey

Customer Experience Manager

Mitchell Sweigart

Account Executive

Brit Chandler

Marketing Manager

Michelle Keefer

Operations Analyst

Ben Blue

Platform Engineer

Caleb Weaver

Jr. Software Engineer

Sonal Vij

Jr. Software Engineer

Christina Kizeik

Operations Analyst

Cindy Fillgrove

Customer Experience Associate

Kelly Glah

Associate Chief of Staff

Luke Weaver

Software Engineering Intern

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