Tyler Winfrey

Carrier Operations Analyst

Also known as: The Pickle Sensei

I enjoy cooking, snowboarding, playing disc golf, and being active (Oh, and pickling)! Fitness is my favorite hobby. I have competed competitively in powerlifting competitions and you can always find me in the gym. Also big into learning new hobbies, I'll try anything twice!

With a background in economics and finance, numbers are my forte. You can find me slinging spreadsheets, debating economic theories, or dialing into one of my hundreds of playlists to get tasks done.

Before benefix, I worked at Orrstown Bank as assistant manager doing operations and customer service. Wearing as many hats as possible, I assisted in acquisitions, improving processes, and being the playmaker at my branch. 

What I love about Benefix:  My favorite part about working at Benefix is the atmosphere. While there is common direction, there is enough autonomy for us to crush small goals all while we head towards one common goal!

Benefix crew member since: Class of '21

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