Matt Ranauro


Matt Ranauro

Also know as: Philly Special

Matt Ranauro is the Founder and CEO of Benefix. His career has spanned over 15 years as an esteemed designer, technologist, and entrepreneur.

In 2016 Matt started Benefix as a side project when he found the process of finding benefits for his company a nightmare. Fast forward to the present and Benefix is improving the experience for carriers, brokers, small businesses and their employees. What began as a way to create efficiency for a small business owner and their health insurance options, has quickly redefined the way brokers and businesses work together across all benefits, creating better outcomes for all.

Matt's fascination with computers began in the 4th grade when his dad, who is a computer science grad, brought home a Timex Sinclair 1000 – that moment was the catalyst. Through high school Matt was obsessed with building things; coding games, building websites, and graphic design. He found that combining programming and design was his passion, he could truly affect all aspects of software. While at Parsons School of Design he observed a class in the computer lab building websites using a new technology, "Flash.” He was mesmerized by the infinite possibilities to merge programming and design with the program. He left Parsons and took a job at R/GA NY where he was fortunate enough to work with Nike for several years.

Matt’s perseverance is the key ingredient to his success. He is focused, driven, and happiest challenging the status quo. Matt's vision for Benefix: give people peace of mind.

Outside of leading Team Benefix, Matt starts every day with something active. He is fueled by great conversations, meeting interesting people who offer new perspectives, and spending time with his incredible wife, two caring and joy-filled daughters, and throwing a tennis ball with his yellow lab, Indy.

What I love about working at Benefix:  We have an incredibly special team, who inspires and pushes me to get better daily. I'm so thankful – and humbled – to have the opportunity to work alongside such brilliant minds and big hearts.

Been at Benefix since: day one.

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