Lee Shand Snyder


Also known as: Tide-to-Go’s #1 Customer

Lee’s been with Benefix since the “working from random coffee shops” days, serving as Matt’s trusty wing-woman for all things nitty-gritty data related. Though she may spill all her drinks, she never misses a beat when it comes to any aspect of Operations. Her unique blend of New-York-City hustle and Lancaster-County roots makes her impossible to keep up with. When she’s not excitedly loading rates and/or benefits, or field mapping pdfs, she can be found spending time with her husband Chad, daughter Chloe, and bernedoodle Otis.

What I love about Working at Benefix:  I look forward to coming into the office every day. We have an incredible team working together on challenging problems that are helping to transform an industry. It can be insanely exhausting, but it’s equally - if not more - rewarding. Plus, we have great snacks!

Benefix crew member since: the very beginning!

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