Vishnu Menon

Software Engineer

Vishnu has journeyed through Bali, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Ladakh, Spiti, Garhwal, Coorg, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Chamonix, Lapland, and so on, some of that on honeymoon with his wife. Through the mountainous heartlands of the planet, through the cultural thread binding humanity, he has trekked, motorbiked, hitch-hiked, tuk-tuked and whatnot.He is communicative, outspoken, smiling, and generally optimistic. He has been handling code and data for over a decade and has worked intelecommunications, finance, and insurance domains. He sees technology as the facilitator, the equalizer, and the future.He follows geopolitics keenly and likes to work from home and cooking leaves, tubers, gourds, and roots with spices from his home states of Kerala and Karnataka.

What I love about Benefix:  That everyone is receptive, open, smiling, helpful, and evocative of the warm mofussil roots I come from.

Benefix crew member since: Class of '22

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